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An introduction to the plans we offer and the differences between them.

Learn to Budget and Save Money

Free Initial consultation
  • Create a 1 -3 year goal plan.
  • Design a plan to reduce/eliminate debt.
  • Communicate with and deal with debt collectors.
  • Improve your financial discipline.
  • Organize your income and bank accounts to manage personal cash flow.
  • Build a retirement plan based on where you are now.

Investing for Women

Free Initial consultation
  • Learn the basic fancy terms about investing.
  • Tailored strategies for women to learn about stock market and without the complexity or “mansplaining” terms.
  • How to select appropriate investment options for your family.
  • Opening a small business or starting a hustle you've been talking about. Get the paper work completed and filed.
  • Know your worth and money strategies for divorces or those commingling their accounts together with their partners.

Understand your Financial Wellness Health

Free Initial consultation
  • Calculate your FIRE number.
  • Review or Build a saving plan.
  • Dedicated money coach (4 sessions).
  • Automate your savings.
  • Resume writing for six figures.
  • Interviewing skills for six figures.
  • Build money goals: buying a house, buying a car, taking a vacation trip.
  • Emergency saving strategies.
  • Reduce taxes.

Client Testimonials

“My family don’t talk about money and I was afraid to ask question, Financial Wellness Help coach was understanding and didn’t confuse me with fancy words.”
“I am a black woman, 56, and divorce. My husband handle all the finances and I had no idea where to start. They understood the fear I had about not knowing much- and now having to go back to work. They were more of my mental coach and then my financial coach. Thank you.”
“I always heard of the stock market and people telling me to get in on it, but I was too afraid to tell them I just don’t understand it. Financial Wellness Help coach, teach me the basic in an non threatening way and allow me to learn and dip my toe into stock names I know. Wow Wow.. it wasn’t that bad.”

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